Between Caen and Lisieux

Crevecoeur Castle

Greater the Middle Ages

The castle in pictures

Discover Crèvecœur Castle during its many events, over a picture gallery.

A Garden at the Castle

To open the season, Crèvecœur Castle and the Lisieux horticulture and botanic society are organising a week-end of encounters for amateurs and enthusiasts of plants: personal advice, sale of plants and a whole programme of demonstrations and events.

jardin crevecoeur chateau
jardin crevecoeur chateau 2
jardin crevecoeur chateau 3
jardin crevecoeur chateau 4

The Egg Fair

Every year, to celebrate Easter, Crèvecœur Castle organises a huge egg hunt including creative workshops, small farm animals and a whole array of other surprises, all in a fantastic-medieval atmosphere.

fete des oeufs crevecoeur
fete des oeufs crevecoeur 2
fete des oeufs crevecoeur 3
fete des oeufs crevecoeur 4


The year 2019 saw the arrival of a brand new event, organised in May: Knights! The perfect opportunity to join in the organisation and the preparation of our knights, to discover their equipmenty and gear for horseback joisting or fighting on foot, and to encourage our champions throughout the tournaments!

chevaliers crevecoeur
chevaliers crevecoeur 2
chevaliers crevecoeur 3
chevaliers crevecoeur 4

By the waterside

In partnership with the Brochet Caennais association, a ‘fishing’ afternoon is organised in June. On the occasion, some 50 kilogrammes of trout are released in the castle moat! Participants aged 12 and under can learn the pleasures of fishing, with a few tips to become truly talented fishermen.


The Middle Ages Festival

Every year, the second fortnight of July brings the ‘La Muse’ company, to offer you a programme of performances, demonstrations and medieval workshops.

moyen age en fete crevecoeur
moyen age en fete crevecoeur 2
moyen age en fete crevecoeur 3
moyen age en fete crevecoeur 4
moyen age en fete crevecoeur 5
moyen age en fete crevecoeur 6
moyen age en fete crevecoeur 7
moyen age en fete crevecoeur 8

Medieval Fair

An unforgettable journey into the heart of history! Every year, over eight days, sixty medieval history enthusiasts bring the Crèvecœur seigniory back to life, just like it was in the 15th century.

medievales crevecoeur
medievales crevecoeur 2
medievales crevecoeur 3
medievales crevecoeur 4

The Traditional Fair

During the European Heritage Days weekend, Crèvecœur Castle organises children’s workshops (Normandy pastry making in the castle’s bread oven, cow milking, butter making, etc.), embroidery demonstrations, guided tours and even a country fare market with local producers.

traditions crevecoeur
traditions crevecoeur 2
traditions crevecoeur 3
traditions crevecoeur 4
traditions crevecoeur 5
traditions crevecoeur 6

The Science Fair

The Museum moves for a weekend to Caen University’s Campus II.

fete science schlumberger
fete science schlumberger 2
fete science schlumberger 3
fete science schlumberger 4
Schlumberger Museum Foundation - Crèvecœur Castle

phone : 33 (0) 231 630 245

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