Crevecoeur Castle


Learn, marvel, enthuse

(Long) Live History

Push open the doors, enter the buildings that comprise Crèvecœur Castle and discover our permanent exhibitions.

Sacred Middle Ages

In the chapel (excluding during summer events)

The ‘Sacred Middle Ages’ exhibition delves into the religious lives of late Middle Ages laymen. The period was marked by a multitude of religious practices that came to consolidated the faithful community. It was a time of processions, of brotherhoods. And in these troublesome times, also marked by epidemics, war and famine, the medieval man turned to God and his intercessors. Death and the preparation for life in the hereafter were also of great importance. Crèvecœur Castle is acknowledged for its living history offer. ‘Sacred Middle Ages’ will present a collection of reproduced objects, in particular an altar and a carved altar stone.

Crédits : Nicolas Méreau

Rural life

In the farm (excluding during summer events)
The exhibition focuses on the seasonality of peasant life and farm work, on peasant dwellings, animal breeding and crop growing. A peasant home has also been reproduced.
Due to sanitary restrictions, some artifacts meant to be handled by the public have been removed.


In the farm (excluding during summer events)
Half-timbered construction and the Pays d’Auge area are simply indissociable. Enhanced by a film projection, this exhibition offers an insight into the techniques employed and into local Augeron know-how, together with the evolution of half-timbered buildings from the Middle Ages to the 21st century.


We are preparing a new exhbition, which will premiere June the 5th, in this room.

History re-enacted…

In the lodge (excluding summer events)

Since 2001, Crèvecœur Castle has been organising and hosting events on the theme of History.
Over several days, volunteers, craftworkers and live performers come and live just like our ancestors once did. They employ and deploy their practical and technical skills from the period, to share them with our visitors. Equally a leisure pursuit and a form of cultural outreach, this type of activity is referred to as ‘historic re-enactment’, or ‘living history’. The ‘History re-enacted’ exhibition plunges you into the heart of this activity, over a discovery of the passionately self-demanding enthusiasts that re-enact all periods of history.

Schlumberger Museum Foundation - Crèvecœur Castle

phone : 33 (0) 231 630 245

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